Multi-Discipline Engineering

I help my clients succeed in an ever changing world. Augmenting existing teams or building new ones from the ground floor. Re-shoring products or spinning up new manufacturing lines. My mission is to help companies bring their vision for the future to life.

Working with Organizations of any size


Many of my clients are just getting started. Business or sales oriented founders who need to bring in the Engineering and Manufacturing skillsets to prototype, develop, and launch their unique products. I bring the experience and tools necessary to bring their ideas to fruition quickly and efficiently. 

Small Buisness

Innovation happens at all lifecycle stages of a business. Expanding feature sets of existing products, increasing production, reducing cost of manufacturing, and implementing robotic automation are all important stages that I have assisted clients with. 


Assisting clients in the corporate world is a nuanced experience. Having a trusted consultant to tackle tasks outside of the typical scope can be the key to success of any given project. Quick turn prototyping, development PCBA corrections, process research are some of the ways I have helped. 


With an ever increasing level of complexity comes increasingly complex challenges. I have worked with teams redefining existing technology for a more secure and reliable system. 

Client Case Studies

Working alongside industry experts in the field of acoustic Grand Piano design. I was tasked with bringing my Mechanical engineering and advanced CNC machining experience to the team. Designing and fabricating custom tooling and fixturing necessary for create the finest American made grand piano on the market. 

A mixture of mechanical CAD, FEA, Casting analysis, photorealistic rendering, and CAM software is deployed to achieve design goals. Leveraging in-house and domestic partners to fabricate all tooling, prototype components, and prepare the Ravenscroft team for full scale production. 

Developing hardware for use in clinical settings posses some very unique design challenges. Working with various hospital chains to define specific clinical workflows and designing custom solutions to fit their unique needs. Deploying custom clinical signaling products to improve practitioner efficiency and patient quality of care. 

Leveraging a mixture of rapid mechanical and electrical prototyping to drive product concepts into rapid deployment within the clinical environment. Short run manufacturing enables my client to rely on just-in-time methodology for complex product ecosystems and save capital expenditures standard for other companies within this space.

I joined the TouchPoint team during a pivotal time in their development. The company had a product in the market and had hired an outside consulting firm to develop the next-generation product for them during a crowdfunding campaign. I was tasked with re-designing their next-gen product from the ground up with limited time to get the product into manufacturing before the crowdfunding deadline. 

Injection molded plastics were designed to meet aesthetic and functional goals, mated with fully designed microelectronics to fulfill electrical functionality within a small wearable device. I was also responsible for assessing international manufacturing partners and producing all necessary manufacturing documentation for full scale production.


Tasked with integrated existing pharmaceutical packaging equipment and OEM devices to form a fully automated line. Developed custom electronic and software components to connect equipment from varying manufacturers into one streamlined assembly with capability for quality control monitoring along each step. 

Line capacity was designed to be expandable as additional floor space could be allocated to the overall assembly. The packaging line was designed in a modular method to ensure a wide variety of size, type, and quantity of product could be packaged efficiently.