The Battle In Your Own Backyard

Mosquitoes are an age old problem, spreading disease worldwide. With over 3500 distinct species combating this insect has been a challenging endeavour. The Bait Bulb is designed to target region specific species of mosquitoes while minimizing collateral damage to beneficial insects.

The Bait Bulb Can Help

The bait bulb adds another tool in the arsenal of anti-mosquito devices. Using a combination of optical and thermal profiles the bait bulb is capable of attracting specific mosquito species based on their geographical habitat. By exploiting the circadian rhythm we can expand the capture cycle of traditional fan and zap devices well beyond the dusk-to-dawn window. With built in wifi this aftermarket bulb can immediately incorporate into existing IoT home networks.

We are working to extensively test our existing attractant algorithms against all common species of Mosquitoes in North America, with plans to expand our species kill list well beyond our borders. With OTA firmware updates any Bait Bulb sold can be updated to the latest and greatest algorithms. We hope that with continued research we can increase the capture rate of these pests and reduce the disease carrying capacity to save lives.  


The Bait Bulb can be connected to local WiFi or BTLE for full application control. Set time zone and GPS coordinates, information the Bait Bulb will use for maximizing optical attractant for specific species of mosquitoes. OTA Firmware updates allow you to keep your Bait Bulb updated with cutting edge optical attracting algorithms.

40nM Silicon

Integrated dual core processor that handles all wireless communication and control of optical / thermal attractant transducers. Simply supply power through a CFL socket or four wire connection (for OEM model) and the Bait Bulb takes care of the rest. 

CFL Replacement

Designed as a low-cost upgrade to traditional CFL blacklight bulbs commonly found in mosquito traps and bug zappers worldwide. Can be installed by the end-use customer into already owned products.

Available in Multiple CFL Socket Formats

OEM Module

Intended for equipment manufacturers to incorporate into complete products. With a wide 5-30 volt input range and compact size the OEM Bait Bulb can easily be incorporated into your existing product. 

Four Pin Connection for Easy Integration

Why We Made the Bait Bulb

Vector-Borne diseases

For many people around the world, mosquitoes signify more of an annoyance than danger. Associating the insects bite with itchy bumps and several curse words. But for many others in high risk areas mosquitoes are a deadly plague. These insects transmit several diseases including malaria, dengue fever, zika virus, west nile virus, and yellow fever. 

There were 219 million cases of malaria alone in 2019, causing over 400,000 deaths worldwide. The World Health Organization lists Dengue fever as the most prevalent viral infection transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes. Estimating over 96 million symptomatic cases and estimated 40,000 deaths per year. 

Target Expanding Habitat

With rising surface temperatures the effective habitat for all mosquito species are increasing. Effective mitigation of mosquito populations becomes more dire to already affected populations; While previous unaffected regions will begin to require mitigation efforts. The bait bulb adds another tool to the warchest to combat increasing numbers of mosquitos. 

Field Trial 2023

With historic rainfall over the past year, and with monsoons looming on the horizon we are working to deploy Bait Bulb enabled catch devices around the valley. Our goal is to test the Bait Bulb in the field and fine tune the attractant algorithms for the particular mosquito species found in Arizona. If you are interested in participating with this field trial please fill out the E-mail subscription below. We will only be sending E-mails to those who are selected to participate in this field trial.

This field trial is free to join, installation of the Bait Bulb is quick and easy if you have a compatible catch device. Selected participants will be asked to submit a weekly brief survey as part of this test.  


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